Now this is a first. Voluntarily announcing their romance?! Thanks for your blessing. Congrats to the two of them, such a good pairing having been close friends for so long! Best wishes to them. Everyone else are doing it, why not lol. Soon Wedding bells Im sure of it. She better get pregnant soon coz she aint young. I am grinning happily!! They are definitely bestfriend-turn-lover.

Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo reveal they are dating

So I procrastinated for a long time and now I am daring to write a blog :joy:. They first starred together in a drama “Sound of the clouds” in ,and then in “The Glamorous Imperial Concubine” in During the shooting of those dramas,they became friends.

Wallace Huo Chien-hwa (simplified Chinese: 霍建华; traditional Chinese: 霍建華; pinyin: Huò Jiànhuá, born 26 December ) is a Taiwanese actor, singer.

See all. Other popular celebrities Ruby Lin. Search the latest about Wallace Huo on Bing. Timeline All. A song brings together a daughter and her estranged mother, telling their individual stories spanning two generations across three cities. It stars Wallace Huo and Ma Sichun. The film premiered in China on November 15, It is the sequel to the critically acclaimed drama Empresses in the Palace.

It aired on Tencent Video starting 20 August to 15 October ; during which it was streamed more than 15 billion times. It later went on national broadcast and aired simultaneously on Jiangsu Television and Dragon Television from 25 December Reset When her son is kidnapped, the inventor of a time machine …. When her son is kidnapped, the inventor of a time machine teams up with multiple versions of her future self to rescue him.

The film opened in China on July 1, to commemorate and to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to China. Zhuo mi cang A man lives in a lovely apartment with his wife and daughter.

L♥ve Bug Report: Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin are dating!

So cute and romantic, right? Despite not being an official holiday, is very much a big deal in China. On May 20, marriage registration offices have huge long lineups of couples who want to get married on that special day. Also, hotels are booked up for wedding banquets and many parks, restaurants, and other various sites became popular places for men to propose to their girlfriends.

They literally went from reel to real! Rumors sparked between the two, as Ruby also starred as the female lead in the drama and cast close friend Wallace as the lead actor.

To be fair, it’s been ages since Jimmy and Ruby dated. The pair met while filming for their teen drama School Days which came out in – that.

Taiwanese television stars Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo are an item. The pair chose the Chinese “love confession day” to announce their relationship. Huo made the big announcement on his official social media account. The year-old wrote: “Wallace said: he wishes to have all of your blessing RubyLin”. Reportedly, Lin too acknowledged the news through her representatives and re-tweeted the post, commenting: “Sister says: [heart]. As per Apple Daily, Lin and Hua, who have known each others for ten years, got romantically involved few months back on the actress’ birthday.

While the two had feelings for each other since a long time, but did not find the right time to express their emotions to the world.


As for how it all went down — Wallace went public first by posting on his production company weibo page that he was asking for well wishes and then tagging Ruby. She promptly responded on weibo with a heart. And there you have it, pretty new couple that warms my heart because I soooooo want them to make it work as I heart each for their acting growth and career savvy. They match really well, congrats to them! And to think that Ruby Lin had just guested on the recent episode of Happy Camp with Lin Geng Xin and Yoona which aired just earlier this month, and that episode theme happens to be a Merchant He Jiong one of the main hosts seeking potential grooms for his 4 beautiful daughters.

This made my day!

Wallace Huo (born ) and Ruby Lin (born ) went public that Ruby Lin dated Jimmy Lin and Wallace Huo dated Joe Chen Qiao En. Please know how a​.

Ruby also starred in the historical drama as the female lead and the pairing was well received by viewers, as the two created sizzling onscreen sparks. Finally, on May 20, , the two publicly acknowledged their relationship on their social media. Wallace tagged Ruby and wrote. Just like Wallace, Ruby also admitted to being afraid to cross the line of friendship with Wallace because she believed that friendships can last forever, but lovers can always separate. The newlywed couple also held a second wedding banquet in Taiwan that followed more of the traditional Southern Chinese wedding customs.

On January 6, , Ruby and Wallace shared an image of a baby footprint on their social media, announcing their baby daughter was born. The couple have been happily married for 3 years and the two hope to have a second child. It often makes us wonder does art imitate life or life imitates art? Tell us what you think of their love story!

Ruby Lin admits hesitant to date Wallace Huo

Actor Wallace Huo confessed he is in love with actress Ruby Lin on Friday, the day of so called “love confession day. Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin have collaborated on several TV series before and were friends before becoming lovers. The official Weibo microblog account of Huo’s studio made the confession on Friday afternoon: “Wallace said: he wishes to have all of your blessing RubyLin”.

Wallace Huo, actor. Wallace Huo infatuated with Ruby Lin for 12 years TAIPEI: Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo has disclosed that he was infatuated with actress Ruby Lin for 12 He was getting “tired” dating in secret.

The insider who leaked the wedding date also claimed that the couple had originally planned to get married at the end of , but have since pushed the date back Jerry Li. Fan and Li met on the set of the series The Empress of China and made their social media debut as a couple in When he and Odette were little, they just couldn’t stand each other, and certainly not throughout their youth, but when they got older, he fell in love with her. Research was contributed by Elsie Chen in Wuhan, and Claire Fu, Wang Yiwei and Amber Wang in Beijing When asked when she was going to get married, she replied that because they were busy with their work, Li Chen was promoting the movie, and then there was a movie shooting schedule.

In the 9th movie, Chen is under a spell, and is forced to live as a dragon and as a human for a couple of minutes during sunset. Later in August, reports began surfacing that Fan had received a three-year ban from acting for her involvement with the illegal contracts, though those rumors remained unsubstantiated. In the following year the two together enrolled in a ceramic class taught by Pamela Kozmiska at the Leisure Connection at San Diego State University and began a long process of converting themselves from aqua culturists to potters.

In fact, the couple almost tied a knot with each other and became husband and wife as they had already exchanged ring with each other. Li Zhensheng was born to a poor family in the northeastern port city of Dalian on Sept. Hong Kong’s one of the famous and biggest actresses, Li Ching has died at the age of 69 on Thursday, Feb Many fans are wondering why Fan Bingbing and Li Chen are still not married yet after dating for such a long while.

According to Oriental Daily News, the actress-turned-producer was previously reported to have already met Li Chen’s parents, and will be announcing her engagement to the Chinese actor via Weibo. She is an actress, known for Chang qian wan lu , Yuan nu and Nu wang feng fu qiao Fan Bingbing previously shares at a fashion event in Taiwan that she feels like “playing” for a few more years.

Ruby Lin in Tears while Video Chatting with Daughter on “The Inn 3”

In , she also began a singing career with her debut album Heartbeat , and has since released 6 albums. According to Apple Daily , Lin was the third highest-earning Taiwanese drama actress in , [2] and the top-earning in [3] and Lin was born and raised in Taipei , Taiwan, the eldest of four children, having one brother a year younger the other, six years younger, and a half-sister, ten years younger, from her father’s second marriage. Her English name is from her mother’s love of the jewel.

Aug 6, – Real life star couple Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin should win an award held in Bali, just a little over 2 months after they admitted they were dating.

The announcement, which was made by Huo, 36, on Weibo last Friday May 21 and confirmed by Lin, 40, is a first for the actress, who had never disclosed her past relationships, said Apple Daily. Returning to Taipei last Saturday, after visiting Huo on the set of his film in Qingdao, China, Lin was collared by reporters at the airport.

Asked what she loves the most about her boyfriend, she answered: “Please, we’re old friends. Apple Daily, quoting the couple’s friends, said the stars got together only four months ago, around Lin’s birthday. The two met on the set of the drama Sound Of Colors. They had feelings for each other over the years, but it was never the right time, because one or the other would be dating someone else, said the report.

As good friends, they have been to each other’s family gatherings, and Lin’s father was once curious to know why she had never considered dating the sensible and polite Huo. In recent years, Huo has attended all of Lin’s birthday parties, and prepared gifts, said the report. At the party this year, both were single and their friends strongly advised them to go for it. We have been experiencing some problems with subscriber log-ins and apologise for the inconvenience caused. Until we resolve the issues, subscribers need not log in to access ST Digital articles.

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Ruby Lin & Wallace Huo