Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. From the beginning, God created man and women to join together. Designed as two parts of a whole, we naturally seek a wife or husband to help bring more fulfillment into our lives. That bond is meant to offer strength, support, and growth. When God is in the mix, that bond is formed unshakable, even during the toughest of storms.

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Request Appointment. Free Telephone Consultation In addition, ongoing psychotherapy is a common and useful means of self-growth and self-actualization. Therapy can help people to resolve barriers which interfere with positive qualities, such as joy, compassion, peace, self-esteem, spiritual connection, and love. Couples Counseling assists couples — married or not — understand and resolve conflicts and improve their relationship.

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View all Submit Blog Do you want more traffic, leads, and sales? Submit your blog below if you want to grow your traffic and revenue. Submit Your Blog. To encourage, empower and work together to get the divorce rate to zero and help us all have s. Seattle, Washington, United States About Blog It is our mission to reach out to families in order to help create and maintain greater love and health in relationships.

We are committed to an ongoing program of research that increases the understanding of relationships and adds to the development of interventions that have been carefully evaluated. Discover articles on getting married, married life, married help. Facebook fans 9. United States About Blog Simple Marriage offers hope and simple solutions for making married life great. Blog simplemarriage. Westminster, Colorado, United States About Blog The Marriage and Family Clinic has become known as a hub for individuals, couples, and families in Colorado striving to salvage their relationships.

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Top 100 Marriage Counseling Blogs and Websites for Couples in 2020

Right away, Kurt and I agreed on almost everything. We had met through a mutual friend in , but we didn’t start dating until we came across each other on Bumble a few years later. That’s when we discovered that we were on the same page when it came to most of life’s most important decisions — what movies to watch, what to order on Seamless, the breed of dog we want to adopt someday.

The purpose of couples therapy is to create a stronger connection between partners in a committed relationship, whether dating, engaged, married, or remarried.

Someone who is a believer and will have similar values. Christian marriage counseling tips can benefit you whether both partners consider themselves Christian or only one of them does. At Awakenings, our Christian psychotherapists near me see both partners as participants in the problem. Both may contribute to the toxic relationship with neither being wholly to blame. Because faith is central to their lives, it informs the way they believe people are healed from broken relationships, finding emotional connection, physical intimacy and spiritual wholeness.

In doing so everyone feels safe to continuing sharing. You can expect to talk to a therapist who is empathetic, knowledgeable, respectful, and validating of your Christian beliefs. The simple willingness to have a different perspective is partly what allows a shift to occur. Our Christian therapists near me teach better ways to communicate so that you can each get more of what you want from the relationship and take things one step further than a pastor or priest.

With their intensive training, our Christian counselors understand how interpersonal dynamics contribute to breakdowns in relationships and marriages. You may be searching for Christian counseling near me because you feel a loss of connection with your partner. Or you may even worry you or your partner has fallen out of love. You are likely confused and unsure of how to move forward. Our Christian marriage counselors believe that the core tenets of relationship include fidelity and forgiveness and love that believes the best in the other.

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Relationships can be both a source of stress and the place our stress manifests itself because of other issues. If there are relational conflicts or poor communication in the relationship, this can create a stressful environment and perpetual cycles that are difficult to break out of. Conversely, you may have other underlying issues such as childhood trauma or anger issues that come out in the relationship but are not the result of it.

young adult counseling (navigating life transitions, stress, relationship issues); couples counseling (dating/premarital/marriage); parenting issues; women’s issues/.

Chances are as a pastor your people seek you for marital, divorce, and remarriage counseling. This article provides some basic pastoral counseling skills in marriage, remarriage, and divorce counseling. I provide several resources in a sidebar. I also provide a suggested technique for each of the sections below. I focus on areas that will be most beneficial in your role as marriage counselor. Research for this overview reveals dozens of articles with statistics on marriage, divorce, and remarriage along with numerous marriage enrichment programs.

I will cite some statistics and provide additional references in the endnotes. If the statistics are even close to accurate, 2 the typical pastor can easily be overwhelmed with marriage counseling. Even more disturbing, perhaps, is that when those individuals experience a divorce many of them feel their community of faith provides rejection rather than support and healing.

But the research also raises questions regarding the effectiveness of how churches minister to families. The ultimate responsibility for a marriage belongs to the husband and wife, but the high incidence of divorce within the Christian community challenges the ideas that churches provide truly practical and life-changing support for marriages.

Christians often see their pastor as a first source of counseling.

Finding a Christian Counselor

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Marriage Counseling & Couples Counseling. Whether you are dating, engaged, or already married my passion is helping you build and reclaim the intimacy and​.

Everything seemed to be going well. So Eric was shocked when after two years of dating, Emily turned his marriage proposal down. The fear of commitment can surface in other areas of your life besides romantic relationships. It might prevent you from settling on a career path, moving to a new area, or choosing a major in college. Any decision that limits your future can seem daunting and frightening. What causes an unreasonable fear of commitment?

How can you overcome it, and how can you know if and when your fears are justified? Keep reading to find out more about the fear of commitment and how you can work through it in your relationships and your life. When does it cross a line into something you might need help overcoming?

16 Biblical Counseling Resources on Singleness, Dating, & Pre-Engagement

Being a single Christian is a mixed bag. On the other hand, you would really like to be married. Paige Benton Brown has a tremendous article about singleness and her experience with it, she is now married that speaks to what a lot of well-intentioned church folk have to say about it. The following is an elaboration on some of the points she makes.

At Life Discovery we work with a variety of couple situations – couples who are dating, engaged (premarital counseling), married (marital counseling), and.

Whether you are dating, engaged, or already married my passion is helping you build and reclaim the intimacy and emotional connection in your relationship. I offer a Christian-based approach to couples counseling and focus on providing you with the tools needed to communicate more effectively, move beyond unhealthy-negative cycles, heal from breaches of trust, and draw closer together in matters of faith, parenting, decision making, sex and more.

I view couples counseling as a central opportunity for you and your significant other to learn how to join together in establishing a healthy and emotionally connected relationship. It is important to know that the time and effort you put into preparing your relationship for marriage today will pay great dividends in the future long after you say “I do. Premarital counseling sessions involve not only learning needed skill sets, but applying them as well.

It is through such practice that important habits are formed, which ultimately carry your relationship forward with a needed health and vibrancy over the long term. Appointments can be scheduled on a weekly or every-other week basis. You also have the opportunity to schedule longer or shorter appointment times:. I look forward to helping you build an incredible marriage!

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But, too often, couples find themselves struggling to keep what they experienced when first married or dating. Those beginning the marriage journey often ask.

Couples in the pre-engagement or pre-marital state of life are often consumed by the thought of what marriage is — often not based in reality. And during this stage in our lives, we are often protected by a facade we build, hiding our true selves from our potential spouse. Whether in the pre-marital pre-engagement , newly married or even the empty-nesters stage of a relationship, all couples strive for a connection and a sense of intimacy with their chosen partner. But, too often, couples find themselves struggling to keep what they experienced when first married or dating.

We never marry whom we think we are marrying. God wants our marriage to be both challenging and fulfilling. We can develop an intimacy that we never thought possible as we begin to explore those barriers to intimacy. Whether you are a couple in crises, or simply have communication issues and seem to argue all the time, there is help. Most importantly — any issues keeping you from the marriage that God desires for you and your spouse.

Learning different ways to contribute to your marriage is the best investment for your future.

The Benefit of Pre-Engagement Counseling

If you are currently seriously dating and looking for guidance and insight into your relationship, Redeemer offers a couple of options for you. It involves lectures by Dr. Find more information or register for an upcoming date. If you are a Redeemer Downtown member or congregant please register for our Downtown Premarital Seminar. Redeemer Counseling Services provides counseling for couples in a private setting with a professional Christian counselor.

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Couples who participated in counseling before marriage had a 30% higher marital success rate than those who didn’t. Many engaged or newlywed couples are.

Welcome to Cornerstone Counseling, serving the Santa Clarita Valley’s family counseling needs for over 20 years. I provide counseling for couples, families, and individuals from a Christian perspective. But, it’s become clear to me over many years of working with husbands and wives who are struggling in their relationships, that the stronger their focus on God’s plan for the marriage, the more powerful and positive the outcome of therapy. Sometimes, couples have just “forgotten” what they know the Bible teaches about the marriage relationship and sometimes they never really knew or understood it in the first place.

In either case, Scripture is, as one might expect, the best guide to restoring marital harmony. After all, the relationship was great in the beginning in most cases. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where the past ends and the present begins. Therapy can allow you to become what I call a “thoughtful responder ” rather than someone who impulsively reacts to current situations in ways dictated by negative past experiences.

By applying a counseling approach that is biblically-based and focused on practical solutions, I can help you to deal much more effectively with difficult people and situations in your life. Switch to Accessible Site.

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